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Proper care for an antique clock
requires a highly skilled,
experienced craftsman. Cleaning
and adjusting is no substitute.
When done properly, your restored
clock will give you years of trouble-
free service.  

The son of a master Greek
clocksmith, Michael Koutsobinas
has worked on classic, antique
clocks since 1982. After training
with his father for many years,
Michael opened the Classic Clock
Shop in Spring, Texas, near
Houston. Michael rebuilds, restores,
and repairs a wide variety of fine
antique European and American
clocks. Each clock is treated with
the highest level of personal pride
and craftsmanship instilled in this
second generation clock expert.

Due to the high quality of Michael’s
restoration & repair work, Classic
Clock Shop gives a 3-year repair
warranty which is the longest in the
industry. You will not find another
clock shop that will give this length
of warranty. New clock
manufacturers only give a 1-2 year
warranty, with the exception of
Hermle which gives a 3-year
warranty on floor clocks.

It is difficult to find a craftsman with
Michael’s experience and expertise.
As you might guess, parts for
antique clocks are not always  
available. Most clock repair shops
are unable to fabricate or rebuild
worn and damaged parts that were
manufactured in the 18th or 19th
centuries. Michael has both the
expertise and equipment to cusom-
make the necessary parts from raw

Classic Clock Shop restores and
repairs ANY kind of clock. It doesn’t
matter where or when it was made,
or what condition it is in.

You can trust the Classic Clock Shop
for honesty and quality work.
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Michael Koutsobinas, Clocksmith                                                                                                                                                                         (281) 290-0959
25214 Collingtree Drive  Spring, Texas 77389                                                                                                                                
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Clock Restoration & Repair
"We refer all of our clients to Michael for their clock restoration needs.  He works on all of our clocks,
too.  We wouldn’t trust anyone else!"

Mark & Grace Young, Magnolia, Texas

"My great grandfather’s floor clock had been in storage for decades and several clock shops told me
it couldn’t be repaired because it had broken and missing parts.  Michael made the parts it needed,
repaired the damaged case, and now it looks and works beautifully.  Thank you for taking such good
care of our family’s treasured heirloom!"

Carl Walker, Houston, TX

"Michael was extremely helpful over the phone during the set-up of the Howard Miller wall clock I
purchased from him.  This was my first clock so I had lots of questions.  He spent as much time with
me as needed until I felt comfortable with the operation of the clock."

Joe D., Raleigh, North Carolina
Classic Clock Shop's
3-Year Warranty is the
longest in the industry!
Michael Koutsobinas, Classic Clock Shop
What our clients have to say about Classic Clock Shop
Detailed Before & After pictures of our restoration and repair work
Click on images below to enlarge view.
Resilvered chapter ring,
polished & lacquered weights
and pendulum.
Resilvered dial
Repaired excessively-worn
Reassembled & restored
c1790s tall case grandfather
clock. It was brought to me in
Wax engraved & resilvered dial,
repaired weights, polished
weights & pendulum
Polished case, instead of costly
refinishing the owner thought it
Repaired broken pivot